Wertz Warriors Foundation

Our Story

You never know what twists and turns life is going to throw at you…The Wertz Family has been given news that no one should have to be given.


Their journey started August 2018. Rich was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was treated at Loyola Hospital in Chicago. Thankfully, in early December 2018, Rich was told his treatment was a success! Great news for the family! They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary!! Rich recovered and went on about his days. 


At the end of December 2018, after having back pain that was progressively getting worse over a short time, Rich’s doctor ordered a CT and MRI. Unfortunately, the tests showed Rich again had cancer …Multiple Myeloma. The family was shocked and devastated. Rich devised a treatment plan with his doctor and began chemotherapy. 

During this time, Stacey was doing what she always does, taking care of the family. She was staying on top of Rich’s care, all while working and taking care of their active boys, Andy (16) and Max (14). Stacey’s niece, Abby, provided additional help and support but Stacey noticed she was continually not feeling well, exhausted, and in pain. Stacey had tests completed at the end of February 2019 and was astounded to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her family is absolutely devastated, crushed and shocked. Stacey is unbelievably strong and has jumped in with both feet ready to fight! She has started chemo treatments. They are aggressive and she is ready for the battle. 


Both Rich & Stacey are actively getting chemo treatments. Rich has had two extended stays at OSF in Peoria. Stacey is also being treated at OSF Peoria. Rich will also need 2 stem cell transplants.

For this family, the unimaginable has happened. We created this funraisingo,com page to help the Wertz family off set the financial burden that has been put on them.

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