Westinghouse Dynamo Alkaline 28 pc. Battery Variety Pack

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Westinghouse Dynamo Alkaline AA Batteries provide power for a variety of household devices. Remote controls, toys, various electronics and flashlights can be kept running with the use of these batteries. Guaranteed fresh for up to 10 years, they are useful in devices that are not used regularly, and they supply power when they are needed. They use a mercury-free formula, making them safe as well as reliable. 
This practical Westinghouse Battery Kit ensures that you always have the right battery on hand. The Westinghouse batteries have very good quality and durability. A practical battery tester checks how much energy is left in the individual battery.
Set Contents:
  • 10 AA batteries
  • 8 AAA batteries
  • 4 C batteries
  • 4 D batteries
  • 2 9V batteries
  • Battery tester
  • Storage case
  • Always have the right battery at hand with this complete set
  • Make sure batteries are still functional with included battery tester
  • Comes with convenient storage case to keep items together
  • Dynamo batteries hold power in storage for up to 10 years